Beginning Voice Program


For those who have a love for singing but don’t know how to use their instruments to do so, this is the program for you!


Physically, singing isn’t much different than speaking. When you speak, does your voice get louder or softer at times?  Have you ever held out a word for emphasis? Do your spoken pitches (sounds you use) vary (you don’t sound like a robot, do you)?  Congratulations!  You can sing!! 


Obviously, there’s a little more to it than that, but you get the picture.  You’re using the same muscles to sing that you use for speaking in mostly the same way.  You have an instrument inside you; that IS you, waiting to be played.


Lessons will help you build the foundation upon which you can begin to competently play those melodies in your head.  We’ll chart our way through exploring your unique instrument and the sounds it can produce.  Next, we’ll get into song work to give you practical applications of how lessons will enhance your sounds.  And, throughout it all, we’ll give you a solid understanding of music, itself.


Call to learn more about the Beginning Voice Program, or register below for a Consultation. 


Note: All new students are required to schedule a Consultation and Professional Assessment  prior to beginning lessons.

"It gives you a feeling of great satisfaction and joy knowing that you can reach deep down into yourself, and return, to share that part of you with someone else.  This is what it means to be an Artist.  As Artists, we have the ability to let people see the beauty that we see; to feel the emotions that we feel.  We are the magic makers of the world, weaving our tapestries of thought and emotion, creating positive change in those we touch."

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