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"It gives you a feeling of great satisfaction and joy knowing that you can reach deep down into yourself, and return, to share that part of you with someone else.  This is what it means to be an Artist.  As Artists, we have the ability to let people see the beauty that we see; to feel the emotions that we feel.  We are the magic makers of the world, weaving our tapestries of thought and emotion, creating positive change in those we touch."

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August 18, 2018

December 15, 2017

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Singing 101

Deanna Truhanovitch

"Soooo just wanna say thank you so much to Craig M. Jones for helping me with getting 2 songs for the first dance and reception song ready for my sisters wedding. They definitely wouldn't of sounded that good without your help! We only had 4 days to do it and it somehow worked! Thank you so much!"

John O'Leary

"I have worked with at least nine vocal coaches over the years as a singer/songwriter/musician/ performer.  Craig has made the biggest difference by far—specifically by his focus on the totality of the performance and making sure the audience is getting what I intend to deliver. I am now getting compliments I’ve never received before on my singing, and my performing in general. Craig has also been giving me invaluable feedback on the songs I’m writing and getting me clear on what it is I’m communicating through them."

Patrick McBride of Hourcast

I have been singing since my early teens, show choir, garage bands... the works. But I had realized I had taught myself wrong!! My "Rock Voice" was filled with tension and strain, constantly forcing myself to those notes and sounds. When I got my record deal and moved to Boston, I had my very first lesson with Craig, my thought process began to change, and I could feel the tension releasing. I will continue to use these methods for my entire career. Thanks so much Craig!

Grace Walsh

Craig not only helped me find my singing voice, but my speaking voice as well... I highly recommend him!

Erica Rodney

“I was a student of Craig's for several years.  He changed my whole perspective on my voice.  I came to him to stop losing my voice, but in the end found much more.  After some time Craig helped me find depth and strength in my voice I didn't know existed,  I only wished I'd found him before I made my album.”

Suzie Reale of Acrasjia

"Working with Craig has completely changed the way I feel about my voice. I am no longer nervous or hopeless about singing - I am more excited than ever! The music I write with my band is very vocally demanding and I knew I needed a lot of work. I had gone through several voice coaches, often feeling dejected about the way I sound and wondering if I'd be able to continue doing what I love. There was so much I wanted to do as a performer but felt I did not have the ability to do it, often feeling vocal fatigue and falling flat. When I began working with Craig, my beliefs about singing changed entirely! Under his instruction, I was able to work on all of my problem areas utilizing effective and fun vocal exercises. Before I knew it, old, pesky problems were dissolving and I was uncovering abilities I never knew I had! My range has grown, there is no longer any straining or vocal fatigue, and correct pitch comes more naturally for me. I am now far more confident and my voice has never been stronger. Craig helped me find my real singing voice, which is much more powerful than I had ever imagined!"

Mike DeMonaco of Acrasjia

"You'd be surprised how many people do not sing with their natural voice. Too many people try too hard to sound like other singers, try to force certain styles, and concentrate more on attitude than hitting the right notes. Craig helped me with all of that and more. He pointed out issues I never even knew I had. And once we worked on those issues, I heard a huge improvement in my ability to hit notes cleanly and strongly."

Leon Rich

"I learned a successful means of interpreting and communicating my ideas that will have a great impact on my live performances!"

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